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Is marijuana medicine?

What are the effects of mixing marijuana with alcohol, tobacco or prescription drugs?

By far. Alcohol is a destructive substance that makes people lose control and perform unthinkable acts. It can make people extremely agressive and nasty people. Weed is a much more calming and natural experience that does not make you black out and do stupid things. Also, weed has never killed anyone. Alcohol erodes a person from the inside out and is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.

How do edibles affect you compared to smoking marijuana?

The way you take marijuana affects how quickly your body absorbs the THC and other chemicals. “It’s going to be a more rapid onset of action with an inhaled product,” Hopfer says.

Because edibles work more slowly, there’s a greater chance you’ll take too much. “You take a bite of an edible product and nothing happens. Then you take another bite and another bite, not understanding that it takes time for the effects to occur,” Hill explains. Eating large amounts of marijuana can expose you to dangerously high THC levels.

Is marijuana addictive?

“There’s no question about it,” Hill says. “Marijuana is both physically and psychologically addictive, but most people who use it don’t become addicted.” Around 9% of adults who use marijuana and 17% of teens will get addicted.

What are the different ways you can take marijuana, and how do they affect you?

Smoking is probably the most common way to use marijuana. When you smoke from a joint, pipe, or bong, the heat releases active chemicals from the plant into the smoke, which you breathe in.

Marijuana comes in other forms, too.

  • Vaporization. Similar to an e-cigarette, a vaporizer heats dried marijuana and releases a vapor. This vapor contains THC and other cannabinoids, but without the toxic smoke. It is unknown if this method is less harmful to the lungs than smoking marijuana.
  • Dabbing. In this newer delivery method, you heat and breathe in concentrated cannabis oils that contain up to 80% THC. Dabbing produces a strong high. Its safety is still unknown.
  • Edibles. Marijuana can be baked into foods like cookies or brownies. You can also take it by mouth in an oil, capsule, or tincture.

What effects can marijuana have?

“Marijuana has a range of effects that vary based on the person and the potency,” says Christian Hopfer, MD, associate professor of psychiatry in the division of substance dependence at the University of Colorado. The more marijuana you use, the longer you use it, and the more THC it contains, the more effects you’ll feel.

In the short term, marijuana can affect your:

  • Ability to think and solve problems
  • Coordination
  • Reaction time
  • Judgment
  • Memory
  • Mood



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